Greetingsfrom Director
  • Welcome to Kidsbright school!
     Our mission is to create a loving and caring educational environment in a homelike and international atmosphere where young children can learn to love themselves as well as to respect others, and grow into independent, responsible and creative individuals, active participants in the community, and contributors to the global society in the future.
     We nurture each and every child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development, while focusing especially on their language skills and also their interests in the natural world around them.
     Our school curriculum is designed to meet the practical daily needs and teach the self-help skills of the children according to the age levels. We provide a variety of fun and learning activities that best suits the interests of the children both in their age groups and as individuals.
     Children at Kidsbright are really bright! They love learning and experiencing new adventures. They feel at home and safe here at school with our dedicated staff who all have good experience with young children’s care and education.
     As the director of Kidsbright, I am very proud and happy to be sharing with all the families and staff, the endless excitement and the natural beauty of the children’s development and growth.
     I hope to have a chance to talk with all the parents about your children’s present and future. I look forward to your visit to our school!