All Day Course

We offer more relaxed eight-hour program with close guidance and tender care and help the children build the basic life skills of early childhood. The children rapidly acquire English proficiency through the all day program of learning and playing in all-English environment. Moreover, our school environment, fully equipped and covered with rich green, gives children healthy stimulation in their minds and bodies through plenty of outdoor play. In the afternoon, they enjoy variable activities such as computer, snack time, English DVD, arts and crafts, story time, followed by nap time or quiet reading time. The curriculum is shared by all courses

Typical Daily Schedule for All Day Kids

9:00 Free Choice Center
9:30 ELC (English Learning Center) / TLC (Theme Learning Center)
10:00 Morning Circle Time / Show and Tell
10:30 Outdoor Play / P.E.(Physical Education)
11:30 Lunch Time
12:00 Self Health Care
12:30 CLC (Communication Learning Center) / Japanese (option)
13:00 Free Choice Center / Arts & Crafts
13:15 Afternoon Circle Time (Story Time, Songs, Today’s Topic)
13:30 Nap Time / Quiet Time / Reading Time
15:30 Snack Time (Snack / Special Activity)
16:00 Outdoor Play / ELC / Arts & Crafts
17:00 Good-Bye Circle Time
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