Half Day Course

We offer a four-hour intensive program with a carefully designed curriculum to help children build the bilingual foundation before they start school. Children learn the basic life skills and also acquire fundamental social skills and intellectual knowledge during their early childhood. When 4 hours are not enough to absorb what is offered at school, parents can choose a day to extend hours on a monthly, or temporary basis.

Typical Daily Schedule for Half Day Kids

9:30 ELC (English Learning Center) / TLC (Theme Learning Center)
10:00 Morning Circle Time / Show and Tell
10:30 Outdoor Play / P.E.(Physical Education)
11:30 Lunch Time
12:00 Self Health Care
12:30 CLC (Communication Learning Center) / Japanese (option)
13:00 Free Choice Center / Arts & Crafts
13:15 Afternoon Circle Time (Story Time, Songs, Today’s Topic)
13:30 Good-Bye
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