Kids Japanese (for non-Japanese children)

We offer Japanese classes for non Japanese children in our half day program 3 days a week. The classes are designed to give an opportunity for the small children to experience and enjoy Japanese language in their early years. Japanese traditional songs and stories, first 100 words, simple daily conversation, game activities will be introduced in the classes instructed by a certified Kindergarten teacher. For those children who show motivation to learn further Japanese hiragana and/or katagana, or upon parents' request, we provide extra Japanese learning time within the program hours.


外国人のお子様のためのKids Japaneseクラスとは別に、日本のお子様のための小学校入学前の準備としての「ひらがな・カタカナの読み書きの練習」を、個別ニーズに対応しながら、プログラム時間内に確保します。基本的に、年長児の春または夏から開始し、余裕をもったプランを立てて行っていきます。
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