About Kidsbright

About Kidsbright | 塩屋キッズブライトインターナショナル・プリスクール Shioya KidsbrightInternationalPreschool
About Kidsbright

 Kidsbright is a preschool for both Japanese and International families looking for a high quality childcare and education in a wonderful school environment, homelike setting and with fine facilities. Our school is located on the hill of Mount James in Shioya, beachside of Western Kobe, where the beautiful ocean is viewed and the feeling of nature and resort can be experienced in the quiet private residential area.
 We strive to help the children grow and develop in a loving and nurturing atmosphere with various kinds of educational opportunities. Our staff includes certified and experienced early childcare and language teachers who are very much dedicated to contributing to meet the needs of every child in the school. You will also see our school curriculum well structured and carefully designed, especially on the language development for both Japanese and International children.

 Our school originally started as a NPO group(Grassroots International Exchange Circle, later changed its name to Glocal International Education Center) of international parents who were seeking international education for their own children.

We relocated here in the summer of 2010 from our former preschool, Maiko International Preschool, founded in 2002, which was located at another part within the same district in Kobe. We were given this wonderful opportunity to relocate our school and continue early childcare after 30 years of operation by Saint George Kindergarten, newly naming our school as Shioya Kidsbright International Preschool, hoping all our children will be BRIGHT.

 Our preschool has served for more than 300 families from 16 nationalities (Japan, US, Korea, Brazil, Australia, Britain, Maldives, China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Columbia, Venezuela, Canada and Italy) in the past 9 years. We have been sending children to both local International and Japanese schools after they finish their preschool years. We are proud of the good reputation of our children with their high English language proficiency and their positive attitudes and enthusiasms towards learning and social interaction.

 We have modeled some school systems from cooperative preschools in the US, made close ties with the CCPPNS(California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools), invited families and early childcare teachers from California and Seattle, held parents workshops and forums, and have been introducing the most updated and effective child rearing philosophy for the parents of young children in Japan.

Kidsbright Core Missions

■ To create a loving and nurturing atmosphere and high quality educational environment for young children.
■ To promote multicultural understanding and interests that would guide the children to become a global citizen as they grow up.
■ To become a model of Kobe International Children Community Center.

Special Features

1) Early full English immersion education
Our school operates completely in English, in order for children to obtain 100% immersion instruction. However, we do offer opportunities for children to learn about Japanese culture, songs, customs, etc. Japanese classes for both Japanese and non Japanese children are also available upon request, free of charge.
2) Small group size
We teach in small class size, each age group usually ranging between 2-6 children. We also give individual support to children who need close attention. The capacity of the total number of children we have in a day is 25. We have 5 different age groups as follows:
・Dolphins : 5-6 yr olds
・Penguins : 4-5 yr olds
・Kangaroos : -3-4 yr olds
・Rabbits : 2-3 yr olds
・Ducklings : 1 1/2 -2 yr olds
3) Multiage group activity
We want children to grow and develop from positive influences by the older children and also helping the younger children with kindness. The family like atmosphere makes it possible for the children to feel as one and be nice and helpful to others.
4) Multicultural background and connection to local International community
We have children from different countries and cultures sharing golden early ages together. We teach children that we are all different and unique, and that we shall all accept each other as important friends and try to communicate well to know and understand each other to make a comfortable relationship.
5) Great school environment
Not only that our school is located in a very fine residential area, but we are also grateful that we have an excellent environment for young children to experience a little wild life here. Overlooking a beautiful ocean and surrounded by lots of various kinds of trees, children enjoy playing, running, walking in a large green grass park and discovering insects and plants, feeling every seasonal changes. You cannot miss every variations of spectacular seasonal view that nature brings to us.

Teaching Morals and Spirits

We try to teach children morals and good spirits through our monthly themes and also from their actual interactions with their peers during their school life.
Those we value especially are:
Friendship / Independence / Respect & Politeness
Sharing / Self-Control / Caring / Patience / Gratitude
Global Citizenship / Cooperation Love & Trust / Logical Thinking